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Galicia Sportech, a conference on sports technology in Pontevedra

For Pontevedra, it is an honour to be able to receive all the participants in this event again and we are delighted to continue building our reputation as the city of Galician sport

Pontevedra held the third edition of the Galicia Sportech Congress. Its mayor, Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores, participated this morning in the presentation of this event which is supported by the City of Pontevedra and which was held for 3 days in the faculty of Education and Sports Sciences.

“For Pontevedra, it’s an honor to be able to welcome back all the participants to this event and we’re thrilled to continue to set ourselves as the city of Sport of Galicia,” Lores said. “It is a congress which is attended by many people, related to innovation and new technologies applied to sport: representatives of teams, companies, athletes and more.”

The event held its first day online, the other two days were in person in the faculty. Attendees participated in discussions, project presentations, workshops and various exhibitions, as indicated by the coordinator of the event, David Suárez.

“This is a necessary congress to remain at the forefront, as it is increasingly applied in sport and there are more companies related to physical activity that put the focus on the use of data and its collection,” the governor said. “We are a leading city and these events allow us to continue along those lines. We should undoubtably thank them for their commitment to Pontevedra.”

Galicia Sportech Congress is the quintessential event for sport, innovation and digital transformation. It is an opportunity to learn about trends in this sector and acquire knowledge, contacts and solutions for the sports ecosystem of the northwest peninsula.

A meeting point of the industry, which has the vision of innovation Elite Sportsmen (Javier Gómez Noya, Susana Rodriguez, David Cal, Antonio Serrat, Teresa Portela, Marta Ortega and Pablo Dapena to name but a few) of Clubs (FC Barcelona, Valencia CF, RC Celta, Students, Obradoiro CAB) of federations (Spanish Federation *Átletismo, Galician Football Federation, Galician Federation of Canoeing etc) of leagues (La liga, ACB, Euroleague, NBA, …) Technology companies (Telefonica Tech, Amazon etc) of accelerators and investors (Hype, SportBoost etc) and sports brands, (Adidas and more)

The Congress was held in three areas. The first one dedicated to the presentations, round table discussions, talks on innovation in different areas of sport. The second an exhibition area, for sportech companies and technologies, where showrooms were held to test the tools to the entire ecosystem of the sport, throughout the entire two days of the event. Finally, there were innovation circuits, with specific activities on different subjects or sports. There was also a Networking Zone to get in touch and make contacts within the rest of the industry.

The Clubs, Federations and athletes had dedicated spaces where they participated in guided tours of the most relevant technologies of the Congress, organised by sports disciplines.

If you wish to see more, you can do so through the conference website, which publishes all sessions on video. Click here.

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