WTCF PONTEVEDRA 2023 Top Triathlon Here. Top Triathlon City.

The race begins with a 1,500m swim that consists of a lap between the Tirantes Bridge and more or less halfway up the Island. They will leave the river towards the transition zone, at the CGTD Stadium to start the bike.

Heading past the ‘Pazo da Cultura’ cultural centre to Compostela Avenue, taking the N550 to more or less the border with the town of Barro. After 2 laps which make 39.5 km, athletes return to transition.

The transition is located in the same stadium, from where they leave and pass through Bos Aries Avenue, Serra, Don Gonzalo, Curros Enríquez, Michelena, Peregrina, Ferrería, go down to A Leña, Sarmiento, Cruz Vermella and arrive at the CGTD sports centre area. There will be 4 laps to complete the 10 km.

Age Group Standard Distance