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The mobility plan seeks to mitigate setbacks and satisfy the greatest number of people

It is recommended, above all, to use the accesses from the south and the Ponte das Palabras bridge, thus avoiding the Fire Station area

An extensive security system will ensure the proper execution of the Championsips Final of the World Triathlon Series that starts on 20th September in Pontevedra. Some road closures to traffic in the streets surrounding the epicenter of the races were presented today by the mayor, Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores, who highlighted the work of approximately 100 people who are collaborating in the organization of the event, including municipal technical staff as well as other personnel.

“It will be a great event. Pontevedra will be up to the job, as it has always been, in the execution of this type of event, in which a large part of the population is involved and all the municipal resources are working to the max to make the venue a success”, as has happened in all the previous races, said the mayor, who appeared next to the councilor for public security, Eva Villaverde.

Fernández Lores appealed, as usual, for the collaboration and constructive spirit of all people, stressing that everything possible is being done to create the minimum setbacks for the neighborhood and that most people will enjoy these days.

The mobility plan consists of a series of acts that cut off several streets like part of Avenida de Buenos Aires, te Red Cross and those around the Galician Sports and Technology Center, one hour before each race until half an hour after, approximately.

Others change the direction for motorized traffic, such as Santa Clara, to facilitate access to garages and especially to three public car parks for residents and essential traffic. In fact, the biggest car park in the city, Barcelos, is located in that circuit.

However, the most important recommendation to the public is that during the days of the championship, they use mainly the outer roads of the city, especially those that swing around the southern area. This is to avoid the most central ones, such as the access from As Correntes bridge to the AP9 by the Fire Station, the coast road and Vilagarcía.

As an alternative to the north, it is recommended to use the As Palabras bridge, which connects Lérez with Monteporreiro, to avoid the area of Tirantes bridge and its surroundings, where the heart of the races is located.

Precisely so that the races on Sunday morning can take place, a section of the N550 will be closed off, up to the border of the municipality of Barro. Both the neighborhood of that area and that of the Santa Clara – Red Cross – and the youth stadium area will receive specific information about the restrictions in those areas.

The announcement campaign for the entire traffic plan has been launched these days with the preparation of more than 30,000 letters to addresses in the city and the distribution of information on the outdoor advertising of the event.

In addition, there is a telephone number (+34 986 833 080) that anyone can call to obtain specific and personalized information about the city’s road closures and traffic operations. It will be attended all day.

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